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5 star rating
Anonymous from on 6/14/2017 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:


"Excellent job and honest"
5 star rating
carl hurd from chico on 6/14/2017 for an auto service of their 2003 Ford Focus and their testimonial is:

"Call a&t! "

"I tell them to call a&t for there automotive needs."
5 star rating
Pete Rossi from chico on 6/9/2017 for an auto service of their 1991 Mercury Capri and their testimonial is:


"I would tell them about the excellent service and attention to detail in every aspect of inspecting a vehicle! The pride of ownership with this independent business combined with their automotive knowledge saved me a ton of money!!!"
5 star rating
Bill Holterhaus from chico on 5/14/2017 for an auto service of their 2001 Volvo S80 and their testimonial is:


"Unbelievable fast, quality repair...I can't emphasize enough how well I was treated and the quality work A &T does. And, they offered to evaluate the overall condition of mu Volvo for free!"
5 star rating
Gemma Stoll from chico on 4/23/2017 for an auto service of their 2005 Honda Accord and their testimonial is:

"Friendly and helpful"

"the company is very personal, which is what I was looking for! I don't know much about cars, but I wanted to make sure my car was in good shape. I also didn't want to pay extra to take it to a dealership to have it looked at. I was able to have all my questions answered about my car in a way I have not in the past. Jamie was very warm and friendly!"
5 star rating
Mark Anderson from chico on 4/19/2017 for an auto service of their 2015 Toyota Camry SE and their testimonial is:

"Phenomenal service"

"I would say, they are very professional, work is done in timely fashion, i always get my car back when it's expected. Jamie is friendly, and very knowlagable, on the phone. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a car repairs, or maintenance for their vehicle."
5 star rating
Courtney Cabezut from chico on 3/17/2017 for an auto service of their 2005 Chevrolet Colorado and their testimonial is:

"Great team"

"Excellent service and great quality"
5 star rating
J. Hermann from chico on 3/17/2017 for an auto service of their 1999 Toyota Camry and their testimonial is:

"Very comforting"

"It's the Best I have been going there for two years and they always took good care of my car. I trust their service so much that when I had a lube & oil at a place I had a coupon for and was told at the shop with the coupon that my radiator needed replaced and they gave me a quote $50.00 cheaper I still called A & T to have the work done. I trust them and know if they fixed it, it will work."
5 star rating
Margaret DuFon from chico on 2/20/2017 for an auto service of their 2001 Toyota Corolla and their testimonial is:

"Problem resolved!"

"A & T Auto Care was recommended to me by a trusted associate, and they have not disappointed. Issues I've had with my car have been fixed without a problem and at a very reasonable price. My most recent job was the replacement of two lights: a headlight and a license plate bulb. These were done in less than half an hour on the same day I requested an appointment, and the cost was about the same that another place had quoted me for just changing the license plate bulb."
5 star rating
DARREL from on 10/16/2016 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Couldn't be happier"

"I have never been disappointed with any work done at A&T. I've been a loyal customer for over a decade. "

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